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Liner Notes

I think it was Sting who summed it up best. When asked what he thought about the release of our first album ("Conceptual Intercourse") he said, "Never heard of it".

Since then, we've continued our roller coaster ride into obscurity at a breakneck speed. With the release of "Conceptual Intercourse" we showed that we could, as Joe (a.k.a. The Yacht) put it, produce something that every child could ignore. That was very, very true.

Then came Trees & Boats. Moments of brilliance, surrounded by oceans of mediocrity.

The distinguishing feature of Trees & Boats is the appearence of our patented recording technique developed by Joe, wherein he would bring me the 'beds' of songs he had composed and I would make several loose recordings over them with my cellitar (the best of both cello and guitar). Then Joe would take those bits home, slice, dice and puree them back together. The upshot: Solid, multi-layer cellitar parts that make me sound way better than I really am.

And finally: 2 Way T.V. The 3rd album. With the addition of Joe's newfound talent on mimicking famous rock voices, the perfection of his technique for chopping up my cellitar ramblings and huge technological advances in the area of production that would bore you to hear about but will make this album less boring to hear the collaboration of Falardeau (pronounced fal-er-doo) and Tambs (pronounced tames) has come a long, long way in a very short time.

Unnamed sources have even used words like 'radio friendly' to describe it. Only very dim children will be able to ignore this one.

Bruce (The Larch)

A big THANK YOU to Gerald Deloff for help with the cover art.