About Bogus Music Central

BogusMusic.Com is one of the internet's first "Virtual Record Labels". Supporting such artists as Joe Falardeau, Bruce Tambs, Falardeau & Tambs and the sonic sounds of 'Music For A Digital Generation'. ...and let us not forget Tambs & Falardeau.

Since shouldering its way into existence like an ant in a cement shop on the information super highway on one blistering cold day in November 1997, BogusMusic.Com has provided the world access to some of New York States most "...brilliant spewage of human effort" as one reviewer once put it.

The command center of BMC is stationed in a small recording studio, situated in an undisclosed location somewhere in sunny Central New York, from which its proprietor strives diligently to provide you, the listener, with quality recordings from the panoply of artists who clamor incessantly at the door wanting desperately to become a part of the media bohoemoth that is BMC.