Falardeau & Tambs | Ci4 : Ignoble Gas

The following music is:
Copyright © 2008 Joe Falardeau & Bruce Tambs / BogusMusic.Com

Liner Notes

It was 1991… my mother told me that there was a guy living in her apartment building who she’d heard playing music. I knocked on his door, he answered it, and thus began a musical odyssey. Joe, as I found out his name was years later, eventually bought a sequencer that ran on floppy disks, and we proceeded to spend hours going back and forth, recording musical parts on top of each other’s work that eventually, for lack of a better word, we had to call “songs”. The band name seemed obvious: Conceptual Intercourse. Building music by throwing ideas back and forth.

Frustrated by the flimsy contracts major labels offered us, we decided to create our own record label: Bogus Music (online at www.BogusMusic.com) It was an instant hit with up to three of our friends. Since then we’ve continued our roller coaster ride into obscurity at breakneck speed, with over 20 copies of our albums in print and more than 10 visitors to the website each year.

Our first, self-titled, album Conceptual Intercourse was a little rough around the edges. Then came Trees & Boats, and 2*W*A*Y*T*V. Along the way we learned to actually play our instruments, sing, how to use the computer to record, and Joe built a studio in his basement. You should see it! Wow!

The last piece of the Bogus Music puzzle came a year ago in the form of Brad Ayers, who knows how to Master (a mysterious technique for making our music sound “good”). We’re sure glad he’s joined the team.

And so, after 3 albums and 17 years, its finally here: Our Fourth Album. Ci4: Ignoble Gas. Enjoy!

The Yacht (Joe Falardeau) – lead vocals, piano, synthesizers
The Larch (Bruce Tambs) – drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, cellitar, piano, tambsbourine, back up vocals
Recording Engineer – The Yacht
Mixed by Joe Falardeau
Mastered by Brad Ayers
Cover design: The Larch
Insert Production: FFH, llc
CD Replication: Fullcast Audio, Syracuse, NY
Recorded at Bogus Music Studios, Downer Street, Baldwinsville, NY
All songs written by Falardeau & Tambs except Two of Us (Lennon & McCartney)
Produced by Falardeau & Tambs
Online at www.BogusMusic.com
© 2008 Bogus Music

This album is dedicated to Wes Ayers, one of the strongest people any of us has ever met.