Joe Falardeau | Nature's Freak

Nature's Freak

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Copyright © 1998 Joe Falardeau / BogusMusic.Com

Liner Notes

Since I've started working on this project in August 1997, it seems I've tried to complete something that I had no idea what direction it was going. 'Nature's Freak' was a way to write something down that inspired me. To write a series of songs that set a tone for different emotions in a character's life, a soundrack of sorts. Most of the things I write tend to sound more like background music for images rather than a normal musical piece you might hear on the radio. So, my vision was to use that to my advantage until my music could move into new directions. I don't know if it turned out the way I intended, but at least it finally turned out.

I do ask one favor of each listener of this recording. Please listen to 'Nature's Freak' twice. Then you may dispose of it as you will, but at least I'll know I was given a second chance on this material.

One special thanks goes to my wife, Suzanne, who put up with the endless hours of me working on my "hobby" while still maintaining her sanity.