Bruce Tambs | Stop, Rock & Roll

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Copyright © 2005 Bruce Tambs / BogusMusic.Com

Liner Notes

This album would never have been possible without the help of Joe Falardeau. His tireless enthusiasm and positive vibes have taken us from rinky dinky keyboard sequencers to a full blown studio he built in his basement, complete with a drum kit and more recording equipment than I can understand! I can never thank him enough! He also wrote and sings the lyrics on track 4, and the background vocals on track 1.

Thank you also to:
Brock Ballow (wrote and performed lyrics on track 1) Matt Schueler (wrote and performed lyrics on tracks 2 & 6 and contributed to songwriting on track 2) and Brad Ayers (solos 1,2 & 3 on track 7). Lastly thank you to Jim Pfeiffer for the loan of his guitar, and to Dan Ramin who wrote part of what I eventually adapted to the music of track 8. Thanks guys!

This album is dedicated to Marina Vasquez, who I happen to know likes Rock-n-Roll. Te amo mi amore!