Motif XF8 88-Key Music Production Synthesizer

Soon after the original MOTIF was released in 2001, it was recognized as the best sounding, top selling and most requested music workstation on the market. Over time, it has continued to evolve and improve its expressiveness and functionality. At the same time, the online community of end users, sound programmers, software developers and product support specialists at has expanded into a vibrant online music production community. The MOTIF breathes new life into live performances with its expressive sounds and intuitive control. In music creation, the MOTIF not only offers its own music creation capabilities, it also offers a system for integrating those capabilities with a variety of software applications. And now, the next generation XF builds on the decade-long heritage of MOTIF, and provides groundbreaking expansion capabilities with flash memory that will set a new standard for keyboard workstations for years to come.

•Comprehensive high sound quality, including an enormous 741MB of waveforms
•An additional 128 Voices and 8 drum kits, for a total of 1,353 high-quality Voices
•Up to 2GB of additional content available through separately sold flash memory
•Realization of unique instrument performance methods through the XA (Expanded Articulation) tone generation system
•Reproduction of the unique, natural, warm sounds of vintage instruments through VCM effects
•384 types of performances based on approximately 7800 types of arpeggiators
•Enhanced sampling through 128MB of onboard SD-RAM
•The popular FSX (MOTIF XF6/7) and BH (MOTIF XF8) keyboards
•Improvement of usability thanks to the use of a new GUI
•Category Search feature that provides instant access to the Voices you want
•Cubase AI -- a DAW software application from Steinberg
•DAW integration through remote control, an editor software
•Scalability through standard-equipped USB and Ethernet and the FW16E option


Hammond XK-3c Drawbar Organ

The Hammond XK-3c Drawbar Organ follows in the footsteps of the award-winning Hammond XK-3, known around the world as the new B-3. The Hammond XK-3 has become the definitive must-have keyboard for dedicated organ player who demand nothing but the best.

This musical instrument does what has never been done before - offering you the classic "tone-wheel" sound by utilizing 96-digital tone wheels. This Vase III sound generator now makes it possible to reproduce all of the characteristics of the vintage Hammond B-3. Additionally, the Hammond XK-3 houses two internal vacuum tubes that will change continuously from pre-amp mode to overdrive mode via control knob. The Hammond XK-3 organ also includes 12 reverse color key presets, 3 sets of drawbars, a 2-rotor digital Leslie, and a 6 -position rotary VIBRATO/CHORUS KNOB, all the features you would expect to find on a Hammond Vintage B-3.

A portable drawbar keyboard with digital tone-wheels
Split vibrato upper and lower real time assignable MIDI controllers
Better MIDI mapping options
Enhanced dual tube preamp and overdrive
Advanced digital Leslie and vibrato scanner
Keyboard: 73 (61+12 Preset Keys), Water-fall keys with velocity
Drawbars: 3 sets of drawbars, 9-Upper, 9-Lower, 2-Pedal
Sound Generator: Vase III sound generator creates 96 digital Tone-wheels.
Tone-wheel leakage-noise and motor-noise are adjustable wheel by wheel.
Presets: Original B-3 reverse-color preset-keys, 11 presets x 12 banks + cancel
Polyphony: Full polyphony (unlimited)
Leslie: Advanced digital Leslie and scanner vibrato
Preamp & Overdrive: New dual tube amp for pre-amplification and Leslie overdrive
Reverb: 10-Modes, Leslie reverb
Tone Control: Bass, Mid range, Treble, B-3 tone control
Sustain: Pedal drawbars
Wheel: Pitch bend, modulation
Display: 20-character, 2-line back-light LCD
Terminal: AC-input, Line out L/R, 11-Pin Leslie, Effect send, Return/Line in, MIDI IN1/IN2/OUT/THRU (Addition of lower keyboard and/or pedal possible via MIDI), Headphone, Foot-switch/Leslie-switch, Expression pedal (EXP-100F with Leslie-switch).
Card Slot: CompactFlash Card slot
Finish: Walnut
Panel controls LESLIE: Slow/fast, on/off, break/thru, effect, send/return
Vibrato/Chorus: Upper ON, Lower ON, V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3 with 6 position rotary knob, Tremolo, emphasis and depth can be adjusted
Percussion: Second, third, decay fast, soft
Control: Reverb, Manual bass, Split, User (pedal sustain), Demo
Assignable controller for MIDI instrument: Upper 1,2,3, Lower 1,2, Pedal, on/off, Value knobs
Effect: Tube amp, Tone type, reverb on
Display switch: Page up/down, parameter value +/-, rotary-encoder, Menu/exit, play, rec, bank
Volume control: Master volume, tone control, tube overdrive