Bruce Tambs | Winter's Bell

The following music is:
Copyright © 2001 Bruce Tambs / BogusMusic.Com

Liner Notes

1. Seraphim - Brad (dedicated to Jess)
2. Procession - Brad and Bruce
3. Rainstorm - Melonie
4. One Holy Night - Mary and Bruce
5. Evening - Brad and Bruce
6. Waltz of the Cuckoo - Bruce
7. Snow on the Highlands - Bruce
8. January Dawn - Bruce
9. Reverie - Melonie
10. Grandma's Band Jingle - Bruce

Melanie Relyea - piano, flute
Mary Bailey - vocals
Brad Ayers - piano, guitar
Bruce Tambs - everything else

Thanks you to Joe "The Yacht" Falardeau for the use of his studio on Melonie's tunes and for his continued Assistance. Brad Ayers for doing most of the mastering and teaching Bruce how to do the rest, and Theresa Relyea, Peggy Bailey, Jess and MY Folks for inspiring and Encouraging the players.

Recorded and produced at Cullen St. Studios
Copyright 2001