About Lethargic

Lethargic: slow, sluggishness, apathy etc. - Pompoesque.

The latest offering from Bogus Music is surprisingly none of the above.  In fact, lethargic, based upon it's small sampling on mp3.com, seems freakishly invigorating.   The title track is techno-apocalyptic in it's feel - as if to take a cyber-trek through the cold, empty, expanses that is the cerebral blackhole of the tune-belcher pictured on the album's cover.  "Emily Don't" is a resplendent, Lennon-esque strain that could have only been inspired by an earthbound cherub and delivered through lyrical providence - in order to blossom under such musical vitiation.   For what "In Other Words" lacks in conceptual hallucinogenics it makes up for it in it's phalangic calisthenics, - truly a six-fingered, tactical exercise of nearly implausible hyperbole. Overall this snippet leaves me optimistic for the future of Harlow's benighted but gifted keymaster.  I look forward to new releases.

- Rob "Spewmiester" (02/29/00)