About Nature's Freak

While eagerly awaiting the next brilliance of mis-guidance and eclectically composed drivel from appropriately named Bogus Music to be thrusted upon the unwelcoming world, I regrettably rear-ended into "Nature's Freak".  Though seemingly very autobiographic, the grotesqueness of the subject matter and nauseating melodies (are there really any?) seem to be very understated when compared to the composer-birth mother.  Conceptually, a major undertaking no doubt, but the real question is: should it have been undertaken at all? Through twisted evil intercourse, the sound donor gives birth to a revolting yet somewhat erotic hero named Harlow in a way as God may have created nature's tree or a freaky auto-mechanic may re-finish his boat.  Overall, I feel unsatisfied and wanting for more of what makes all of us live life for, ANUSRUB.

Rob "Spewmiester" (3/12/99)

Reviewed By Bill (The Unknown User)

Track 1-Birth Fugue/ The Lab:
Brilliant a Rhapsodac explosion of greatness until the last 20 seconds. At the 2:10 mark you down shift way too suddenly and for no apparent reason after a great build up to the birth. The birth does not take place after a climatic explosion, but rather after we have been let down gently from the rising crescendo of music. One has to ask WHY??????

Track 2-Harlow's Overture:
A little choppy,but overall a great effort
The pace quickens
The listener is anticipating a climatic finish
The tension seems to be building
Sort of like the boat ride scene in will wonka

That is willy wonka

Unexpectedly, we take a softer slower turn
the listener is momentarily disappointed

all too suddenly we shift gears back to the tension building aspect

Suddenly we stop again Only to restart the building process
The music is excellent so far, I wonder if the sudden swings is intentional, or resulted from boredom and the need to suddenly change tempo only to revert back to what had captured the listener and built his expectations for a serious climatic explosion that may not ever arrive.

Track 3-Lullaby (Haley's Bonnet):
Consistant, Im trying to recall my more in depth view but cannot, I will listen to it again. I dont recall having anything negative to say about this. It may be that it was far too long, well over 4 minutes, but that could be track 4 im thinking of, im not sure.

Track 4-Younger days:
One of my favorite ones on the CD.
Consistant and easy and enjoyable to listen to